CSF Newsletter - June 2024


Find out more about our X-CALIBR™ roll-formed structural system.

X-CALIBR™- the new legend in portal framing 

Welcome to the Central Steel Framing newsletter for June 2024.

In this edition, we invite you to join us at Fieldays 2024 to check out our X-CALIBRTM roll-formed structural system first-hand. We examine why it is such big news, and how two local projects have incorporated it into their builds.

See X-CALIBR at Fieldays 2024
Get hands-on with X-CALIBR™ at Fieldays 
Join us at Fieldays 2024 from June 12-15 at Mystery Creek, Hamilton for a closer look at our X-CALIBR™ roll-formed structural systems.

Our display will feature a portal structure that has been crafted using X-CALIBR™ manufactured components. It is a great example of what you can do with this unique system, so make sure you drop in to see us at Stand E96.

Our expert team will be onsite to answer your questions and show you how X-CALIBR™ can save you significant time and costs on your next portal framing project.
How X-CALIBR™ saves you time and money
X-CALIBR™ is a roll-formed structural system that is ideally suited to large commercial or industrial buildings.

From warehouses to workshops and canopies, to agricultural structures for storage or feed pads, X-CALIBR™ provides a more affordable, faster and more accurate alternative to traditional structural steel. Here are just a few reasons why:
  • Completely prefabricated - components are prefabricated offsite to millimetre accuracy

  • Versatile configurations - configure rafters, beams, columns, purlins, wind posts, girts and more

  • Easy to integrate – can be integrated with structural steel or timber framing or used as a complete portal structure

  • Lower material costs – achieve the same strength with less steel

  • Install in hours – with lightweight, prefabricated components, you can complete most portal installations in hours, not days

  • Less labour – requires a small crew and minimal machinery, reducing labour costs and improving site safety

  • Less effort – no drilling, cutting, welding, cleaning, painting or measuring onsite required.

See X-CALIBR at this Tokoroa Industrial Building
Portal framing done and dusted in one afternoon
In just over four hours, a small crew using a crane and access lift platform installed the portal frame for this 44m long by 25m wide industrial building in Tokoroa.

This project showcases the efficiency and strength of X-CALIBR™ and demonstrates how prefabricated structural members can slash your labour costs.

The X-CALIBR Tokoroa Pole Shed project
Pole shed blends old with the new
This pole shed in Tokoroa showcases how easy it is to integrate X-CALIBR™ components with an existing structure.

The X-CALIBR™ structural roll-formed system was an easy choice for this project due to its versatility and lightweight strength.

The rafters and purlins were manufactured in just two hours, prefabricated offsite, then transported to the job and bolted to the timber poles.


Discover how X-CALIBR™ could change the way you build

Drop in to see us at Stand E96 at Fieldays 2024 and our expert team will help you with any questions you have. Or even better, email us today and let us get your projects on the fast track.
Warren Farr
General Manager
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