X-CALIBR™ Roll-formed Structural Systems

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Introducing X-CALIBR™, the new roll-formed structural steel technology that can replace traditional heavy steel construction methods.

Up until now, large portal buildings required heavy steel beams which were slow, expensive and time consuming to manufacture and install. Times have changed.

X-CALIBR™ ushers in a new era of steel portal construction with strong roll-formed sections that can frame an entire building faster and more cost effectively than ever before. 

  • The X-CALIBR™ system creates a roll-formed, exceptionally strong structure that is completely pre-fabricated without the need for drilling, cutting, welding or measuring.
  • The machine-fabricated structural members can be configured to create rafters, wind posts, columns, beams, purlins or girts to portal frame an entire mid to large-span project, such as a distribution centre or warehouse. Larger spans can be achieved by increasing the depth and width to cater for the structural demands.
  • X-CALIBR™ slashes material costs, processing and handling in the factory whilst dramatically cutting assembly and installation time onsite. X-CALIBR™ portals require significantly less raw material but are equal in strength to structural steel with the advantage of lower base material costs.
  • Using X-CALIBR™ reduces labour costs by eliminating human error and boosting quality and accuracy. Faster processing times mean more projects can be delivered in a shorter time frame, creating a significant reduction in overheads which can be passed on to the customer.

Commercial, Industrial and Primary Industries

  • Available as full portal structure, integrated with structural steel OR integrated with timber framing
  • Rafters, beams, columns, purlins and girts can be supplied separately or as complete portal structure
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centres
  • Workshops
  • Cantilevered or conventional canopies
  • Agricultural structures for storage, feed pads or bunkers
  • Ideal solution for large buildings on soft ground where a lightweight structure is essential

Portal Framing (Tokoroa)

Cantilevered Canopy (Auckland)

Pole Shed (Tokoroa)

Rural Shed (Matakana)

Feed Pad (Taupo)


Matakana Shed



Tokoroa Pole Shed



Rollforming Services Cantilevered Canopy



Tokoroa Industrial Portal Building


X-CALIBR™ sections are rolled from locally sourced G450 Z450 galvanised steel with a nominal 1.95mm material thickness and connected with specifically developed, patented, large hollow tube rivet technology.

  • Precise steel sections are roll-formed with pre-drilled holes, saving time on marking and drilling
  • These steel sections are assembled and securely connected together with patented rivets and plates to form columns, beams, rafters, eliminating the need for grinding, welding, sandblasting, or painting.
  • These are then transported directly to the site, without the need for sandblasting or painting. This approach lowers transportation costs and minimises the requirement for heavy lifting equipment during unloading.
  • Onsite, X-CALIBR™'s excellent strength-to-weight ratio simplifies handling with a smaller crew. Sections align easily, and assembly takes only hours instead of days.

X-CALIBR™ is made in New Zealand from high quality NZ steel. Simply order what you need for your project with the confidence of knowing your X-CALIBR™ systems will be delivered when you need them in full and on time. Most projects will follow this standard ordering process:

  • You supply us with your project requirements and the intended location
  • We mock up your structural frame requirements in 3D and provide an estimate
  • Once approved construction documents are then produced and filed for consent
  • We manufacture your order once building consent has been granted
  • We then ship to your site location
  • We are happy to arrange installation if required

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