90mm Wall Framing

Central Steel Framing's 90mm Framing is made from AXXIS® Steel for Framing using Howick FRAMA™ technology - so you know your framing is strong, straight, and built to last.

Steel framing is straight and true, and gives a high-quality finish.

Our 90mm Framing is manufactured with precision to deliver straight walls, square corners and high-quality finishes. It makes fitting internal linings, kitchens and cupboards a breeze, and it will stay true its entire life. 

No contracting or expanding with moisture changes, and no warping, twisting, sagging or shrinking. 

That means no builder call-backs for maintenance issues.

Speed of construction and easy to work with

We supply 90mm Framing pre-assembled or flat packed, delivered to site. Frames are clearly marked so you will know where it all goes.

Frame components are also self-locating and manufactured with pinpoint accurate punching and fixing holes. These qualities make it easy to assemble and work with. And, because steel does not absorb moisture, you do not have to wait for frames to dry, which saves you more time.

Less re-work and wastage

Our 90mm Framing remains sturdy and true for years to come, lowering frame movement issues, and builder call-backs. Precision accuracy in manufacturing the frame components helps minimise any re-work and wastage. It is also lighter, at approximately one-third the weight of timber framing, which makes it easier to move around onsite.

Stronger and durable

Our 150mm Framing is manufactured from Axxis® Steel. This is a New Zealand Steel product, designed for New Zealand houses and buildings, and made from galvanised, high tensile steel. Simply put, it is built to last.

Our 90mm Framing is fire resistant, and has great seismic and wind load strength. It does not rot, support mould, borer or other insects, and is protected against corrosion in a well-constructed building.

Our 90mm Framing also has a unique end bearing stud. This allows you to build load-bearing and multi-storeyed structures, with the stud, rather than the fixing, carrying the load exerted on the frame.

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Healthy and safe

Steel has none of the additional preservative chemicals associated with timber. This makes a real difference to the health of builders and tradesmen working with the product. It is electrically safe and fire resistant, and a healthy option for homeowners as steel does not support the growth of mould or rot.

  • Frames are designed using the compatible framing software such as Vertex, Revit, Sketch Up, Framebuilder MRD, Truss D&E, Tekla and the Howick Panel Software.
  • If you have a small project and would like to draw your own design, download the free Howick Panel Software from here.
  • We can also provide detailing service for all projects, just get in touch with us to discuss your project.
  • Our 90mm Framing works with all other framing, joist, and truss profiles so there are no work-arounds or Number 8 wire fixes to worry about. With supplier partnerships across New Zealand, we can deliver you a complete package.

  • Design software is used to generate machine files, which are loaded into our roll-forming machines. The machines then cut and pre-punch 90mm Framing to your exact specs. 
  • You can have your profiles pre-assembled in our factory, or flat packed and delivered to site.
  • For pre-assembled walls, we recommend you keep the wall dimensions to 3m x 6m or less.
  • You can also have your framing flat packed, all ready for your builder to assemble with fasteners and easy-to-follow plans included.

Forget welding equipment and specialist tools. Here are all the basic tools you need.

  • A good quality set of aviation snips (left cut – red handle, right cut – green handle, straight cut – yellow handle)
  • A cordless impact driver with a selection of bits including 150mm bits for screwing into deep corners
  • A 34mm hole or stud punch to make additional service holes.

The National Association of Steel Framed Housing (NASH) has a range of helpful documents about NZ Building Code compliant design solutions for light gauge steel framing used in houses and low-rise commercial buildings. You can download the NASH documents here.

The documents include:

  • NASH Standard for Residential and Low-rise Steel Framing Part 1: Design Criteria
  • NASH Standard Part 2: 2019 Light Steel Framed Buildings
  • NASH Building Envelope Solutions
  • Building Basics - Lightweight Steel Framing 2nd Edition

We make 90mm Framing from AXXIS® Steel. It is hot-dipped galvanised steel with a Z275 coating weight and backed by New Zealand Steel’s 50-year Durability Statement. 

This gives good protection in most exposed internal environments, and for external use in moderate marine environments. If you are using it in a lined interior dwelling, a thermal break should be installed between the framing and the cladding to avoid thermal bridging.

If you want the best life out of your 90mm Framing, make sure you avoid contact or run-off from materials that are not compatible with zinc.

Store your 90mm Framing in a dry location because any water that gets between the close-stacked sections will cause early corrosion. After you install frames and wrap the building, give the upper frames a quick blow-down to get rid of any loose swarf and excess moisture. Also vacuum out the bottom track before organising a pre-line inspection.

Where sections are exposed to salt spray but not rain washing, maintenance is required to remove any build-up of salt deposits on the surface.

It is best to cut our 90mm Framing with tin snips, hacksaw or cold cut saw. If you do use an abrasive disc blades, be careful of the flammable swarf produced. Make sure it  does not affect other materials, and clean off the burred edge after you finish cutting.

90mm Wall Framing
90mm Wall Framing
90mm Wall Framing
90mm Wall Framing
90mm Wall Framing
90mm Wall Framing
90mm Wall Framing
90mm Wall Framing
90mm Wall Framing
90mm Wall Framing
90mm Wall Framing
90mm Wall Framing





  1. Calculations of section properties are in accordance with AS/NZS 4600.
  2. Thickness refers to the base metal thickness (BMT).
  3. Properties are calculated for an equal flange lipped channel using the average flange width.



AS/NZS 4600 Cold-Formed Steel Structures.

  • NASH Standard (NZ), Residential and Low-Rise Steel Framing, Part 1: Design Criteria.
  • NASH Standard (Aust.), Residential and Low-Rise Steel Framing, Part 2: Design Solutions.
  • NASH Standard (Aust.), Residential and Low-Rise Steel Framing, Part 2: Design Solutions.
  • NASH Handbook (Aust.), Best Practice for Design and Construction of Residential and Low-Rise Steel Framing, Chapter 3.
  • For full design Tables please request a copy of our Full Design Capacity Tables Document.

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