Tiny House Frames

More and more Kiwis are coming around to the idea of living in a tiny home. To meet this demand, Central Steel Framing offers lightweight, easy-to-assemble, custom tiny house frames. Just get in touch with us or send us your designs to see how we can make it easy for you.

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If you are interested in building a tiny house, sleepout or office, our light gauge steel frames are the perfect option. We construct our tiny houses using AXXIS® Steel for Framing, which is backed by New Zealand Steel’s 50-year durability statementWe can work with your design requirements to build you a custom tiny house fit just for your needs – whether you are after a loft or even a curved roof.

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Assembly & Delivery

We manufacture and deliver our tiny house frames either as pre-assembled panels, or fully assembled ready for you to fit out. Our pre-assembled panels are fast and easy to construct - we clearly label each component to make it simple for you.

Our manufacturing facility is based in Taupo, centrally located to deliver tiny house frames to the North Island.

Why Build a Tiny House with Steel?

  • Light gauge steel framing is only a third of the weight of timber framing, making it much easier to transport and move around.
  • Steel framing is fast and easy to assemble, so you can spend more time building your dream tiny house.
  • Steel framed houses are strong, straight, and stable.
  • Steel framing is 100% recyclable and fire-resistant.
  • Steel framed houses can be insulated to NZ standards and easily fitted with external and internal linings.

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Tiny House Movement

Tiny houses are becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand and are a cost-efficient option in the current housing market. Tiny-living also minimises your ecological footprint and gives you the freedom to relocate - find out more.

If you want to learn more about tiny house guidelines in New Zealand, click here.