Kirkyl Steel Frame Chimneys

Kirkyl Chimney Solution is the chimney “design of choice”, proven to be efficient, cost-effective, and fast to assemble. Thanks to Central Steel Framing’s light gauge steel, Kirkyl can construct light, easy to handle and straight chimneys.

Kirkyl selected Central Steel Framing (CSF) to build their chimney framing because of CSF’s expertise, equipment, and “the capacity to run the unique Kirkyl designs.”

Kirkyl – chimney “design of choice”

Kirkyl designs and manufactures new and replica replacement chimneys for all applications. CSF supplies framing for Kirkyl chimneys ranging in size from 1 by 0.5 metres, to 7.6 by 2 metres.

In 2012, Kirkyl founder Nigel Dickinson, was called to Christchurch to assist with the design of a chimney system to rebuild the chimneys destroyed by the two massive earthquakes. The Kirkyl light gauge steel design was adopted by Fletcher Earthquake Recovery (EQR) as the ‘design of choice’ and hundreds of replacement chimneys have been designed and built using the Kirkyl system. The system soon proved to be very efficient and cost effective and has now been adopted by the new-build market as the chimney design of choice.

Chimneys assembled in less than 30 minutes

The Kirkyl chimney frame can be assembled on-site in less than 30 minutes and then installed by hand in just minutes. A comparative timber chimney frame would take hours, and sometimes days to install.

Strong, straight and accurate

Kirkyl has chosen CSF’s light steel framing also because it is made strong, straight, accurate and pre-braced. There is no time wasted with straightening the frames and fitting additional bracing, which is common practice with traditional timber frames.

“They go the extra mile to accommodate us”

Nigel Dickinson, founder of Kirkyl said, “Central Steel Framing run the Kirkyl design registered system on our behalf and I have full faith in their ability and confidentiality. They always complete the work accurately, professionally and on time. On the odd occasion when we have an urgent job, they would go the extra mile to accommodate us.”