Innovate Composites Chooses Central Steel Framing for Plant Upgrade

Light Steel Framing was the perfect solution for the Innovate Composites plant. Innovate Composites Ltd manufactures bespoke composite products for the marine industry, building yacht components such as bowsprits, rudders, and sterns. For their plant upgrade they required a strong, lightweight structure that could withstand a temperature of around 100 degree Celsius.

Light gauge steel the perfect solution

Innovate Composites was upgrading their plant and engaged Central Steel Framing to manufacture and supply steel framing for their oven (14.4m x 4.4 x 3m), a big vacuum table (carbon fibre top, 5.5m x 3m) small autoclave vacuum tables (1.9m x 1.6m) and Superyacht Bowsprit mould trolleys (5m x 0.9m).

“We were after a simple strong & lightweight structure for our oven, that also needed to retain a good degree of dimensional stability at temperature. We cure at around 100 degree Celsius and using a timber framed structure was not an option due to the cyclic drying of the material during the cures, followed by absorption of moisture from the atmosphere again - which leads to twisting & warping. The steel solution also gave us the span strength and stiffness to use the oven roof for storage.”

Fast to assemble

Building with light gauge steel greatly benefitted Innovate Composites for their project. The fact that steel framing is lightweight, accurate, fast to assemble and has smart assembly details all made their process very easy.

“With the three of us we managed to get the structure erected in just a couple of days. The assembly was incredibly easy & accurate. The framing being lightweight made the job manageable without the use of machinery for a very small team.”

“Can't recommend CSF enough.”

Chris Mellow, Director of Innovate Composites, said “We can’t recommend CSF enough. They are a very responsive company, who understood what we were trying to achieve and managed to incorporate some smart assembly details that not only made the install very easy, but has enhanced the functionality of the oven. We can't wait to receive our grinding bay kitset and get this assembled.”