Grinding Bay Structure

After Innovate Composites Ltd upgraded their plant using Central Steel Framing’s (CSF) light gauge steel, they called upon CSF again to supply more steel framing and a staircase for their new Grinding Bay Structure.

Innovate Composites, who manufactures bespoke marine components, was very pleased with the smooth process and quick turnaround from CSF. The use of light steel framing was a big win for Innovate Composites in terms of time and accuracy.

Efficient use of space

The completed Grinding Bay Structure features CSF’s light steel framing and staircase, as well as cladding and mezzanine flooring. The light steel staircase proved ideal for the mezzanine flooring. Innovate Composites was pleased as creating an additional level to the structure meant they gained another 40 square metres of floor space, an efficient use of space compared to their previous 40-foot container.

Smooth process – from design to assembly

It was a smooth process from the beginning to end, from supplying their basic sketch to CSF, to the delivery and assembly of the light steel framing. Chris Mellow, Director of Innovate Composites, says “the communication from CSF in terms of updating the design to the small tweaks we required along the way was great.”

3D models provided precision and confidence for fit-out

The 3D models CSF provided with each revision allowed Innovate Composites to verify that any changes would work within their existing structure and meant they could develop the electrical, lighting and air extraction systems with precision. For Chris, this is “a big win in terms of time and accuracy. Knowing exactly where all the steel framing is now that the structure is clad has allowed us to proceed with confidence as we enter the fit-out stage.”

Quick turnaround

Innovate Composites was delighted with the quick turnaround from CSF, with the steel framing and staircase arriving within a few days of signing off the final drawing. They described the staircase as “next level” and shared that they will be calling on CSF again for future plant upgrades.