30m2 Shed

Central Steel Framing’s light steel framing made quick work of this 30m2 shed in Taupo – the wall frame panels were erected in just 15 minutes and the shed only took 7 days from concept to completion. The use of lightweight steel also meant this shed did not require a building consent.

90mm wall frames create a strong, lightweight structure

Our 90mm wall frames were utilised for the construction of this 30m2 storage shed/workshop to create a strong, lightweight structure. The door frames were constructed using 45mm frames. The steel frames were manufactured and assembled in our Taupo workshop, and delivered onsite as pre-assembled panels.

Steel framing erected onsite in just 15 minutes

Once the steel frames arrived onsite, the panels were stood up and erected in just 15 minutes. The fast assembly of the steel framing helped to reduce the total construction time – the shed only took 7 days from concept to completion, which included getting the concrete laid, assembling the framing and the external construction.

30m2 shed exempt from building consent

This shed met the guidelines to be built without a building consent. The new building regulations mean you no longer require a building consent for single-storey detached buildings that are more than 10, but less than 30, square metres in floor area and are constructed using lightweight material, which includes light steel framing. Please refer to sections 2 and 2.2 in the Exemptions Guidance for Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004 for more information about these regulations.

At Central Steel Framing, we can work with you to design a shed, cabin, or sleepout that does not require a building consent. Get in touch with us to discuss your next project.