About Us

Central Steel Framing Ltd (CFS) has the combined experience of 60 years in the cold formed steel industry. We specialize in manufacturing light steel framing for both residential and commercial applications. We use the latest Howick roll-forming technology, which is proven worldwide in its reliability and flexibility in producing quality steel profiles.

Why Central Steel Framing?

Steel-framing is a straight and stable product that delivers an excellent finish. The roll-forming technology behind steel framing gives a high degree of dimensional accuracy, enabling consistently straight walls, square corners and an overall superior finish. The exactness that comes from building in this way helps later trades fitting internal linings, kitchens and other cupboards. The stability of steel means no contraction or expansion with moisture changes, so frames won't warp, twist, sag or shrink, eliminating many of the maintenance issues that create builder call-backs.


Central Steel Framing is based in Taupo, located centrally in the North island we can service a larger area cutting down on transportation costs. Our facility boasts of the latest in Howick roll-forming technology. Please contact us if you are interested in seeing our operation.

Howick Steel Framing Technology

Howick Ltd has been manufacturing high technology machines since 1978 and is trusted all over the world, supplying roll-forming machines for steel framing automation in over 70 countries. Howick steel framing machines place all punching and fixing holes through accurate open language computer control system. This not only allows frames and trusses to be manufactured with extreme precision, but enables the frame to be self-locating and jigging. Howick understands the art of rolling cold formed steel, and has a long history of innovative machinery and technology development driven by customer and industry requirements.