Why Light Gauge Steel

Steel-framing is a straight and stable product that delivers an excellent finish. The roll-forming technology behind steel framing gives a high degree of dimensional accuracy, enabling consistently straight walls, square corners and an overall superior finish. The exactness that comes from building in this way helps later trades fitting internal linings, kitchens and other cupboards. The stability of steel means no contraction or expansion with moisture changes, so frames won't warp, twist, sag or shrink, eliminating many of the maintenance issues that create builder call-backs.

Durable and Peace of Mind

Steel is more durable than timber, and does not support mould growth or rot, reducing cracks in claddings and linings. Steel does not require treating so has none of the preservative chemicals associated with timber.

100% Recyclable

Because steel sections are roll-formed to specifications there is minimal wastage. Steel is also 100% recyclable, again and again, without losing its properties.

Lightweight & High strength-to-weight ratio

Timber used in framing weighs three times more than light gauge, high-tensile steel. Being lighter also means it’s easier and safer to move around on site. Steel framing provides a lighter, stronger structure, which means greater earthquake and wind load strength.


It is standard practice to earth steel framing, making it electrically safe as well as fire-resistant. Steel is non-combustible, so when a fire does burn through wall linings, it will not spread within the framing cavity.


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Download a digital copy or have one posted to you.

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